Oversky MXL-RX62H V2 RC Airplane Receiver Integrated with Dual Servo for Frsky DSMX DMS2 FUTABA SFHSS

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Oversky MXL-RX62H V2 Receiver Integrated with Dual Servos for Frsky DSMX DMS2 FUTABA SFHSS

The MXL-RX62H V2 Series receivers is a new compatible receiver for mini aircraft. It integrates with 2 linear servos, 2 independent output interfaces, one built-in 3A brushed ESC output interface and one brushless ESC signal interface.

Brand name: Oversky
Item number: MXL-RX62H V2

Size: 24.5*22.5*8.0mm (excluding power cord and antenna)
Weight: 3.5g (including power cord and antenna)
Working voltage: 3.0~5.0V
CYRF6936 hardware version: compatible with DSMX/2;
CC2500 hardware version: Compatible with Futaba SFHSS, FRSKY-D8.

How to start the built-in brush ESC:
When the receiver is powered on, the built-in brush ESC is locked, and the built-in brush ESC can be activated only when the throttle is at the lowest position. When the receiver first checks that the throttle is pushed to the lowest position, the red LED will flash to indicate that the built-in brush is unlocked and can be activated. If the throttle cannot be unlocked, check if the lower throttle is reversed or the stroke is not enough, then change the throttle setting and try again to unlock and activate the built-in brush ESC.

DSMX/2 and FRSKY-D8 Binding:
If the signal is not received within 10 seconds after the receiver is powered on, the receiver enters bingding mode (the LED changes from slow flash to fast flash), and then follow the instructions of transmitter to bind . When bingding successful, the LED get into slow flash, and when the signal is received, the LED is always on.

Futaba SFHSS Binding:
1) Set the Futaba transmitter in SFHSS mode, then turn off.
2) Connect the bingding cable to AIL and Reverse AIL terminals, then power on the receiver to enter binding mode (the LED is flashing).
3) Turn on Futaba transmitter, and the bingding is successful when the LED on the receiver changes from flash to steady light.

Pacakge Included:
1x Oversky MXL-RX62H V2 Receiver Integrated with Dual Servos