Mayatech 5V 12V Step Down Power Supply Voltage Regulation 7-28V to 5V/13-28V to 12V Buck Module UBEC-3A 6s for FPV UAV RC Model

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SKU: 1475887


Brand: Mayatech
Weigh: 10g
Note: The scalding range of this module is normal within 100 C and does not affect its use.
1. The module uses a new chip, 5.0 version of the chip upgrade, stable and reliable.
2. The shell is fully encapsulated and processed by CNC of all aluminium alloy, which is conducive to solving the problem of heat dissipation.
3. Installation holes have been added to deal with various complex installation environments.
4. All-silicone wire is used at the output and input terminals, which is soft, not easy to break and can withstand high current.
5. The output is two kinds of interfaces (1) JST interface is suitable for all kinds of graphical power supply and so on (2) JR actuator socket is suitable for all kinds of receiving power supply of this aircraft flight controller, not only JR socket can be used, but also can be used for FUTAB A interface.
6. Gift JST connection and JR actuator socket connection, even if you don't have the same connection, you can refit yourself. At the same time, send a M2 screw to facilitate self-drilling installation.
Package included:
1 x BEC module 
1 x M2 & 8 screw 
1 x JST male head silicone connection    
1 x JR female head silicone connection