Happymodel DT-B90 90dBi Finder Buzzer Alarm 4.5-9V Input Built-in Battery with LED Light for RC Drone

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Happymodel DT-B90 90dBi Finder Buzzer Alarm 4.5-9V Input Built-in Battery with LED Light for RC Drone

Brand name: Happymodel
Item name:DT-B90 90dBi Finder Buzzer
Input voltage: DC 4.5-9.0V
Size: 25x16x15mm
Weight: 5.83g

As a stand-alone buzzer, it can be used regardless of the form of drones or the battery for main power supply of drones.
Integrated LiPo battery charging circuit. The battery can be recharged at any time by connecting to a powered on drone
It is small, light, and solidly designed with heat shrink tube structure to protect the product.
Operation and Usage Explanation
Press the button and hold on for 1~2 second, a power on alarm is triggered which will sounds like ‘1-2-3’ with a flashing white led.
If there is no VCC5V0 detected for a certain period of time (about 30 seconds) after the power is turned on, a missing alarm will automatically sound(B-B-B). This situation occurs when a drone is crashed and the main battery supply is lost (so the VCC5V0 output of the FC lost at the same time).
If continuous VCC5V0 is present and detected after a drone crash, then we could triggered the alarm by transmitter Aux channel switch that pre-configured to BEEPER feature.
After use, to turn off the power, press the button and hold on for 1~2 second, then a power off alarm is triggered which sound like ‘3-2-1’

Package Included:
1 x DT-B90 90dBi Finder Buzzer
1 x Cable wire