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DUMBORC 2.4G 6CH X6F With Gyro Receiver+RC Car LED Light

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SKU: 1543975



This product integrates the light control board into the receiver. It only needs to connect the light strip and the LED light bead through the Y line. Through the 3-way switch, the LED light can be simultaneously illuminated and extinguished at the same time.
Wiring method:
1-way rudder, 2 power-on, 3-way left, Y-line connected to 6-way, through the 3-way switch, LED lights can be turned on and off.
When the lamp control is not used normally, the 1-5 is normally used.
The board is a light control board, taking the signal of the 3-way signal line, and then outputting the switching signal through the positive and negative poles of the 6-way, and the receiver 6 is not connected to the pin. The 4-way and 5-way are not connected to the light control board. When the light control board is designed, the 4-way and 5-way of the receiver are avoided.

Package included:
1x receiver
1x white LED light
1x purple LED light