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Christmas Party Home Decoration Multiple Element Merry Christmas Window Stickers Kids Children Gift

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SKU: 1224259



Item Merry Christmas Window Stickers 
Material PVC
Color As the picture
Weight 90g


1. Material is PVC translucent film, environmental protection, waterproof, fade, not Alice, dirty can be scrubbed, can be pasted on any background color of the walls, tiles, glass, furniture and other smooth surface
2. Comes with adhesive, glue for the removable plastic, can be repeated multiple paste (wall can be peeled off at any time without injury to the wall), but pay attention to adhesive and wall adhesive will be more and more Strong, paste it for a long time its use will be reduced.
3 without transfer film, can be directly pasted
1. Make sure that the surface to be pasted is a smooth surface, with uneven folds and peeled parts, or the wall of the bottom embryo lacquer is not well-made. Do not stick it.
2. Select the location of the paste, to clean up the dust and oil veneer is to ensure that the surface is dry and tidy.
3 according to the order to do a simple paste, of course, you can also DIY according to their own wishes.
4. The stickers gently peeled off the end of the paper directly paste, without transfer film, paste the middle of the first paste and then tiled to the left and right sides.

Package included:
1 X Merry Christmas Window Stickers